MPS and Lander About to Be Oilers

Magnus Paajarvi-Svenson and second-round pick (40th overall) Anton Lander are closer to being Oilers than ever before. Robin Brownlee reported that while Tambellini is obviously visiting the IIHF hockey tournament to see Canada and Jordan Eberle play, the big reason for his visit is to finalize contracts with the two Swedes.

As Brownlee put it, "Don't be surprised if announcements about contracts for both are made by the end of the tournament." MPS is becoming widely known as the one Oiler prospect above all others most ready to step into the NHL lineup. Jordan Eberle and whomever the Oilers draft are among the most anticipated arrival by Oiler fans, but experts suggest MPS could have the biggest impact.

If his current play for Sweden is any indication, the experts may be right.

Anoton Lander is known as the type of prospect that not only has great skill but is a natural leader and been considered captain material on almost every team he's played.

Both signings would be big for Edmonton and take care of one of Tambellini's and the Oilers biggest obstacles in the summer of Steve.


Awesome news.. I believe MPS may just be our #1 prospect. Dont get me wrong love Eberle. And I know this is lofty but MPS looks like Bure sometimes... Only bigger. Also, i quietly wonder how important it is that Lander comes along with MPS considering that our one only other Swede Nilsson may be on his way out? Besides that i feel Lander brings many tools that this current team is sadly lacking.

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