A Revolving Door That Results in A Win, Is Better Than No Wins At All

The Oilers have injuries. They've had them all season. The Oilers also have a few too many contracts and no trades to speak of yet to clear some of them out.

The result is a revolving door of forwards in and out of the line-up now that some of the injured and ill are returning.

What is happening because of this situation is the sitting of players that the Oilers might not otherwise sit. Last game it was Comrie. This game it was Potulny and Pisani.

Are these showcasings for possible moves? Are they simply math rearing its head and forcing Pat Quinn to make decisions as to the roster players in and out? Will it continue to change?

One thing is for certain. The combination brought Edmonton it's first win since December 30th.

If there's one rule we know, it's never change a winning lineup. The Oilers did it after winning five straight when they put back in the returning Grebeshkov and the result was a monumental losing streak.

Now, even if Potulny and Pisani should be there, you can't put them back in. Unless of course you're shooting for the first overall draft pick, in which case any kind of winning streak is just bad publicity.

Oh how times have changed.


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