News Coming In About the Ethan Moreau Trade

With Edmonton's 1-0 win over the Flyers, the Oilers allow themselves a little dignity and a sense of confidence as they try to take something positive out of anotherwise not so positive year.

Hidden in the victory was the fact that captain Ethan Moreau was not sitting on the sidelines, waiting for news about his future, but playing a role in the outcome of a tight, gritty 1-0 victory over a team that clearly out-matched the Oilers in terms of on-ice skill.

Surprisingly, Moreau played a number of shifts as if there was no indication he was on the trading block. Such a situation isn't often the case when a player is about to be moved since no GM wants to risk injury if a trade is imminent. While just days ago, it seemed a move was not if, but when; moving Moreau has hit a slight snag in negotiations.

The Maple Leafs, who are believed to be the front-runners for Moreau's services have a mandate from Brian Burke. That mandate, is to obtain as many draft picks as possible since most were moved to obtain Phil Kessel earlier in the season.

Since Toroto is in the unenviable position of being a bottom five NHL squad, but having no silver lining with a top five draft pick, Burke needs to restock picks to take something away from a year that didn't quite go as planned.

As such, they are insisting that the Oilers include at least a 3rd rounder, in turn for taking on an extra year of Ethan Moreau's cap hit and the Oilers are not sure yet that doing so is a wise choice.

Ethan Moreau's contract is a downward one. Yes, he is overpaid now for what he brings, thanks mostly to his age and diminshing skill level. Obviously, the Oilers would like to clear it from the books. That said, in the bigger picture, Edmonton doesn't see Moreau's contract as detrimental to the success of their franchise moving forward since after this next year Moreau becomes a UFA.

The Oilers understand that a rebuild doesn't last one year, but is more a five to six year process, to which they see themselves in the second or third year of. Winning is something they want the team to strive for next season, but it's understood that wins might be few and far between.

The Oilers have set themselves a few rules for the end of this season. All contracts, including Moreau's that come off in a year or two are ones they'd like to move, but won't sell the farm to move. Plain and simple.

If Brian Burke is insistent on Moreau and a decent pick for nothing in return, the Oilers will need to find another taker.

With the Olympic break around the corner, time is running out. So too, the Oilers are running out of injury free assets with value they can move to solidify their future progress. In a game of the better negotiator wins, who budges first will be interesting to see.

In the end, the Oilers feel value takes many shapes and forms, but must be a part of every deal they choose to make this season. It's whether they are able to correctly evaluate that value that counts.


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