Any Truth Behind the Edmonton/Montreal Trade Rumors?

With rumors swirling the Kevin Prendergast has been spotted at a few Montreal games, speculation quickly grew about Edmonton making a trade with Montreal. Immediately the rumor gained a bit more street credibility when Brian Wilde over at a CTV affiliate in Montreal posted the news and fans jumped on board as if something was bound to happen. Here's what we've heard.

The latest news revolves around the Canadiens asking for a forward, a prospect and a defencemen in return for both of the Kostitsyn Bros. No official word has come about the pedigree of any of the positions the Canadiens might be asking for, but that the trade is mostly for forward Andrei with his brother Sergei as a throw in.

From what we're understanding, the Canadiens are not too keen on the fact that Andrei would continue to enjoy his role in Montreal if his brother were shipped off and the Canadiens see no future in keeping Sergei on board. In short, if Montreal can find a return that is even worthy of moving Andrei Kostitsyn, they'll take the opportunity to do so.

The Oilers involvement has centered around two positions of thought. One is that they are still in a position that moving contracts is important. What that means, is that a three for two or four for two deal makes sense if they can shore up money and roster space to make other moves, while removing pieces they'll likely never use.

The other frame of thought is that Gagner has some experience playing with Sergei Kostitsyn, when the two formed a line with Patrick Kane for the London Knights of the OHL. At that time, Kostitsyn was an alternate captain and didn't carry the reputation he seems to have built for himself in the NHL. Some are suggesting that perhaps reuniting Sergei and Sam could make Sergei Kostitsyn a valueable pick-up at the right deal, while Andrei has proven to be a more reliable and valueable player and goal scorer.

For me, the option of Tomas Plekanec is much more appealing and I'd prefer the idea to a 3 for 1 trade over a 2 for 1 deal, but something has to be said for the Oilers and Canadiens both wanting to move spare parts.

As of now, we've heard no indication that offers or any kind of serious talks have taken place beyond what might be considered normal phone calls amongst NHL GM's. Take any rumours regarding this with a grain of salt.

I believe the Oilers are more interested in seeing where the team sits when they have a healthy roster, since most injuries and illnesses are temporary, with the exception of Sheldon Souray who could be out another 3 weeks.


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