Waiting for the Leftovers - Vancouver Canucks

With the recent additions Vancouver has made to bolster their blueline, something in Cancukland will have to give. Now $1.9 million over the salary cap, we can only begin to speculate who is on their way out. I see no better time than to focus our series called "Waiting for the Leftovers " on Vancouver. Unfortunately, there is nothing leaving Vancouver that would end up in Edmonton.

The Untouchables

The Sedins, which goes without saying for many reasons. # 1 and 2 forwards on the team with a salary that virtually doubles considering to trade for them, you have to take them both. Mikael Samuelsson, who was just signed to a very reasonable contract is going to be a go to depth scorer in Vancouver and Alex Burrows who just recently signed a four year $8 million extension seems to be the fit for the forseeable future with the Sedins. I'd also add Ryan Kesler, due simply to what he brings in an all around style for what they are currently paying him.

On defense, Schneider adds veteran leadership and while I consider his $2.55 million salary an overpayment, not so drastic that you'd want to move him and with him being just signed and the amount of time it took to finalize that deal, Vancouver wants him around.

The Unwanted

I don't see a lot here that Vancouver is eager to get rid of. Willing... perhaps, but rediculous salaries don't seem to be an issue other than that they have too many defenseman making over $1.5 million per year. That said, their highest paid d-man is Kevin Bieksa at $3.75, so they can afford to have more guys at higher wages since they don't seem to have that one superstar defenseman that gobbles up most of the money.

I can see a player like Willie Mitchell being the odd man out at a substantial pay scale, but there seems to be not too much on the roster they can't move or would have to.

The Undetermined

Roberto Luongo would be in my untouchables group if it were not for his current contract status and what is going to be involved in keeping him. I believe you have to build from the goal out, but I don't believe Luongo or any goalie for that matter to be worth a long contract at $8 - $9 million per year. That is the high end of what it could take to keep Roberto in town and if I'm Gillis and that number is accurate, I'm shopping him to see how many stars I can get in return. Edmonton just doesn't have the superstars Gillis would look for to even start a trade conversation.

Kevin Bieksa is an offensive defensman whose days in Vancouver are numbered. He has value and his name has popped up in frequent trade talks and at his current salary, I can see why. Edmonton won't need him, but another team sure would.

I see Demitra as gone if Vancouver can find a taker. To Edmonton? Perhaps, but I'd be leary of his $4 million salary, the one year left on his contract and his injury prone history. Not to mention, Edmonton has one area on their top line covered and it's at RW, where Demitra might be useful. A trade for him just wouldn't make sense.

My Wish List?

Ryan Kesler, Ryan Kesler and Ryan Kesler. Makes perfect sense for Edmonton. Has a great salary, size, style of play and the stats to fit in at almost any position the Oilers could find for him. Too bad Vancouver won't move him unless they simply had no other choice.

While I don't see Edmonton and Vancouver doing anything directly, I wouldn't be surprised if Edmonton benefits somehow by scooping the remnants of a bigger trade between two other teams - namely Vancouver and Ottawa. The Canucks have the defensive pieces to pull it off, depth at forward and Heatley is known to be ok playing in Vancouver. The money situation is the only thing that slows this trade down as both teams have cap problems.

I'd go as far as saying Erhoff is part of the deal should one happen since he wasn't the part of the Ottawa/San Jose trade Ottawa disliked. Erhoff, Demitra and Mayson Raymond? That might peak Bryan Murray's interest.


Ha! Kesler is untouchable! Keep dreaming :)

-Sean Z

August 29, 2009 at 1:23 AM comment-delete

Hence the reason I listed him in my untouchables section.

Crazier things have happened and if Heatley is at all on the Canucks radar then who knows, but I agree, I don't see Kesler going anywhere.

August 29, 2009 at 11:17 AM comment-delete

Demitra is so underated. During the two stretches he was out of the lineup last year, the Canucks went on losing streaks. He never does anything stupid with the puck. In fact he is brilliant with the puck, hence why he plays point on the power play. I don't believe the Canucks need Heatley.

August 30, 2009 at 8:48 AM comment-delete

Kesler has no contract next year so I wouldn't be blown away if he was moved at some point this year if the two sides cannot come to terms on a number that works for the team and the player. Doubtful that MG would want to move him to a division rival but for funs sake I think it would take a deal with a high draft pick and Gagner and I am all ears.

In fantasy land of course. ;p

August 30, 2009 at 9:07 AM comment-delete

The deal with Kesler having just one year left is a valid point, but I don't see in todays salary cap economic crunch of an NHL, that Kesler warrants more than $3.5-$4 million next year.

To do that, Vancouver would simply need to not resign Demitra.

Where this really gets touchy for Vancouver is what it takes to keep Luongo. If he gets a $2 million per season raise, the Canucks will have no choice but to move a lot of their depth.

If Luongo's Sept 13th deadline is accurate, 'd watch for some trades/changes in Vancouver to facilitate getting that deal done.

August 30, 2009 at 9:49 AM comment-delete

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