Quick News a Rumours for Monday July 20, 2009

I don't do this all that often because I like to at least have some sort of verification of the rumours I'm posting... hence the last one I posted being directly after a personal one on one interview with Dan Tencer of the Edmonton Oilers. I find him a reliable source when it comes to the Oilers.

That said, a number of readers starting to learn about our friendly neighbourhood site have expressed a keen interest in rumours and scoops as it relates to the Oilers, so I'll keep you posted at least once a week on what I'm hearing. Like I said, in some cases I can't verify the validity of these rumours past the point of someone I know and trust brought it to my attention. I'll make sure to be detailed when it passes the point of speculation and becomes more a very likely possibility.

Keep in mind, I will always note whether or not I think it affects the Oilers.

Evgeni Nabokov willing to trade his no trade clause if a trade from San Jose is happening? What I know, is that a trade from San Jose is likely, but not one including Evgeni Nabokov. He's their starting goalie with one year remaining on his contract, which is great if you're San Jose. With the cap going down, still a number of options out there at the goalie position, why would you trade one of the best goalies in the league at this point? Sure San Jose wants to shake up the team a bit, but not at goal. It's one of their bright spots that hasn't let them down.

Expect that this has nothing to do with the Oilers. Would I trade Khabibulin for Nabokov? In a heartbeat, but it's not realistic to expect that so I'm not sure why I even brought it up.

Tomas Kaberle to Buffalo? I've heard Buffalo has expressed interest, but if Derek Roy is a part of that trade, which is the name being tossed around; that is a steep asking price in my opinion. Derek Roy is as close to a point a game center as you'll get and a much healthier option than Tim Connolly, Buffalo's only other viable 1st line center option. If Burke can make that happen, that would be impressive. Don't expect it. This will have no bearing on Edmonton what-so-ever

Alex Tanguay? Rumours were all over the place that he was almost a done deal to Florida. We hear that is not the case. That's not to say Florida isn't interested or that he doesn't wind up there, but that The Islanders, Wild and Devils may have expressed interest and that Tanguay is still looking for a sizeable payday. The Oilers called, but the money being asked for was far too much for Edmonton to stay interested.

Phil Kessel? I can't confirm if the Oilers have inquired, but they should. He's on the block despite what the Bruins are saying and it won't take fair value to get him, just the ability of Edmonton to move other salary some place else. The Oilers would need to move about $1-$2 million -- more if they keep Grebeshkov before or after arbitration is complete, if Kessel is a viable option. It should take at least $4.5 per year to sign him.

Simon Gagne? We've heard everything from the Flyers won't move a 40 goal scorer to the Flyers might have no choice if they can't move Briere. Gagne would be a perfect fit, but salary as always, is a concern (not for what Gagne makes, but for what the Oilers can move to fit his salary in). Expect that someone big from the Flyers getting traded, but that the Oilers don't do much except inquire. Should a few minor moves get made by Edmonton to clear space, it could be a pre-cursor to something bigger like Gagne.

Heatley? Well if we haven't beaten it to death enough yet, Heatley isn't excluded officially from the Oilers plans despite what Prendergast says. The odds are way down and other teams are being discussed, but trade options are just a lot more tricky to complete with some of the interested teams like San Jose. I expect to see Heatley back in Ottawa. We are waiting on a supposed "behind the scenes" expose on the Heatley story, but aren't expecting it to be as "behind the scenes" as we are hoping.


It's Oilers, Sharks, Wild or Heatley's staying in Ottawa.

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