2nd Chances

This has been a slow week in hockey if you're a hockey fan. Outside of the fiasco that is Ilya Kovalchuk, not a lot of newsworthy items have been available for us "need to know" hockey fans to chew on.

A few items came to us over the past couple of days. They've been all about former Oilers, getting second chances.

Robert Nilsson Signs in Russia and Kent Nilsson Is No Longer With the Oilers

No one seems too sure on the reason that Kent is no longer with the organization. There was word that Edmonton was going to keep Nilsson on in a scouting capacity.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone however that both Nilsson's departures took place not long after each other. With Robert one of the last thing the Oilers franchise wanted to promote, that can't leave a yummy taste in a father's mouth. Kent was one of the first people to suggest that Robert needed to put in more time and had made mistakes, but being waived by Edmonton and then moving on from the Dad is likely connected just to sever the ties completely and eliminate any possible tension (like we said, we don't know this for a fact).

Robert Nilsson will get a chance to show he has the gumption to play in the NHL. A one year contract in Russia where he performs well may mean another shot here in North America.

Marc Pouliot Signs with Tampa Bay

Pouliot was bound to find a home. He didn't do much when he was in the Edmonton, largely thanks to injury, but a team was bound to give him a chance.

Tampa is that team and Pouliot, depending on where he plays in the lineup could make Steve Yzerman look like a very smart man. Pouliot's deal is a two-way contract so his playing in Tampa isn't a lock, but I'd bet Pouliot has his best year in the NHL with the Lightning.

Wayne Fleming Goes to Tampa

The Oilers hired some coaching in Steve Smith and Kelly Buchberger. Some thought and still think another coach is going to be added. That coach isn't Wayne Fleming.

The extremely experienced bench boss has been added as an assistant coach with the Lightning giving some much needed NHL experience to a rookie head coach.

Khabibulin Held Off Again

Bulin's court date in Arizona on a severe DUI charge has been again pushed back. While it doesn't change what could happen with Khabibulin and the Oilers, it definitely could change how many goalies the Oilers bring to camp.

Deslauriers was looking like the odd goalie out, but the Oilers may have to bring two for sure if no one knows what is going to happen with Khabibulin. Should Edmonton not sign Deslauriers which is still a possibility, there are a number of goalie options still available on the UFA market.


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