Tambellini Claims to "Have No Idea What That Would Look Like"...

In an interview with Dan Tencer, Oilers GM Steve Tambellini covered a number of topics. Remaining as political as he has since finding out the Oilers would be drafting first overall, Tambellini did provide some interesting responses.

When asked by Dan Tencer to respond to how he felt about Chiarelli going public with the fact that he and the Boston GM had spoken about switching picks, Tambellini gave no real response other than that he finds it unfortunate and unprofessional for GM negotiations to be shared with the media.

He added that he fully expects teams to contact him about his first overall pick and "provide advice on what the Oilers should do with it". Tencer followed up by asking if other GMs had and Tambellini's response was he hasn't even given thought and "has no idea what that kind of deal would look like."

Tambellini followed up with noting that while he is obliged to listen to offers, it would have to be one heck of an offer to then get him to go to Kevin Lowe, Daryl Katz and anyone else involved to suggest that the Oilers flip their first ever #1 overall draft selection.

I like Tambellini's response on a number of fronts. First, if Chiarelli wants to play public games in terms of creating or limiting trade leverage, Tambellini has very subtly showed he's ready to play ball. Tambellini understands the value of the first overall selection. For Boston to take it from his clenched little fingers is going to take an offer Chiarelli won't consider small.

This tells me and should tell people thinking that Wheeler or another NHL ready forward plus is too much, should think again. Tambellini is going to try to hit a homerun. If he can't, he'll just go on up and draft first overall.

Quietly, Tambellini just figureatively said 'hey Chiarelli... don't even ask if you can't come up with something that is going to knock my socks off'. Good for you Steve. The first overall pick is a big deal. Boston wants it and to get it, they have to pay dearly. When you have all the leverage, you better damn well use it.

This also tells me that the Oilers really may not have made up their minds yet as to who they consider the best pick at #1.

When asked how the scouting staff was leaning in terms of the selection. Tambellini showed maybe his only real excitement of the interview by discussing how passionate his scouting staff has been in relaying their findings on both players. They've formed some strong opinions on both sides and for both players and the Oilers GM is having a blast and taking as much time is required to hear everyone out.

Tencer switched gears and also covered the idea of the newfound Jason Spezza blitz, by not directly asking or naming names, but mentioning if Tambellini would consider trading for an impact forward and how his relationship with Bryan Murray is. As expected, Tambellini remained neutral avoiding at all costs getting into a conversation about a rumor and saying his relationship with every NHL GM is great including having a great one with Murray.

On the topic of newest Oiler Magnus Svensson, Tambellini was asked about the Swedish player's status. The question itself came not long after a prior Pierre McGuire interview in which Pierre did everything but label MPS a "monster" and emphatically state Magnus would be in the NHL next season and a superstar for Edmonton in the years to come.

Tambellini confidently stated he's excited about MPS and his track record, but more importantly his attitude. Tambellini won't be at all surprised if MPS starts the season with the big club.

McGuire as we all know is a bit more easily excitable, and Tambellini's review wasn't quite as glowing as Pierre's, but this is good news all around for Oiler fans.

Whether more speculation stirs up in respect to Spezza remains to be seen, but don't expect Spezza to say anything negative about the Sens after what he witnessed with his "good buddy" Dany Heatley. Spezza has more class than to run down his current team (even one he may want to leave) while they try to explore trade options for him. If there is action, expect whatever will happen to do so before July 1st when Spezza's no trade clause kicks in.

This could be an interesting draft for the Oilers, whether they are part of this Spezza talk or not.


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