What Might Chicago Be Willing to Take Back For Brian Campbell

The Edmonton Oilers are looking to move Sheldon Souray. Where they move him will be a focus of discussion up to this years draft and possibly after if they can't find a taker.

Perhaps the following is an option for Edmonton. Would you consider it?

Realistically, there will be two types of teams who might want Souray. One is a team that is losing a big name high ticket d-man and needs to replace them a la San Jose who might be losing Rob Blake to retirement. Or... a team that has a bigger ticket than Sheldon Souray and would be willing to take a more ageing veteran blueliner like Souray to move some cap space a la Chicago and Brian Campbell.

Once Chicago ends this year playoff run, some big decisions are going to need to be made. Without re-signing any of the players up for pending RFA and UFA status, the Blackhawks are over the cap by $700,000 (according to capgeek.com)

Chicago might be willing to move a player like Campbell and take some salary back if they can keep the core of their team together and get under the cap. With Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook, the signing of Campbell isn't quite as meaningful to the Blackhawks as it was when it happened.

The Oilers however, with an exiting Sheldon Souray could perhaps use the services of a veteran offensive powerplay specialist like Campbell. Sure, he's overpaid, but he provides great offensive consistency having gotten near or over 50 points per season in the last five years.

So, if you were Edmonton, would you take on Campbell's offensive skill and bloated salary if as a result you could move say a Sheldon Souray and an Ethan Moreau or Robert Nilsson?

Obviously there are two big conditions here. One, is that Chicago throws in another small player salary to Edmonton to again get under the cap. Two, the Brian Campbell, who has a no trade clause in which he can name 8 teams for which he's accept a trade, were to include Edmonton in that list.

Big if's I suppose, but Campbell coming back to the Blackhawk line-up tonight and no one really seeming to care, got me thinking about it.


No big contracts! Souray should be dealt for prospects and draft picks. If they need to include anyone.. it shouldnt be for anyone who makes more then $3 Million a season!

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