Fans Should Expect a Fireworks Set-up, But a Fizzled Lack of a Show

Tuesday is a big day in franchise history for the Edmonton Oilers. The NHL Lottery draft could solidify Edmonton's spot at the podium first come the June 25th NHL entry draft.

Tuesday is also a day that Sheldon Souray is expected to talk and the Oilers management will spend some time answering the question of how it feels to draft one or two (whichever spot they end up drafting in), but more time answering questions about Souray's sudden distaste for Oilers management.

As I said, it's a big day for the Edmonton Oilers. But don't think for a second, it's as big as some are making it out to be.

In terms of Sheldon Souray, he may repeat what was already said if he's still pissy and feeling mistreated. He may also politely back pedal just a touch knowing his comments are doing more than hurting Oilers management for which they were intended.

Many won't care because for those that find this a real issue, the damage has already been done. Nothing new said will change it. For those that didn't find this an issue, they site Souray's comments as comparable to a guy who quits after getting fired.

The only real interesting issue that might come up is how Souray elaborates on his accusation he was possibly forced to play injured. If he goes that far, it has serious possible reprocussions.

When Oilers management is asked to respond, they'll likely want to say all the things that are on their mind and take the chance to defend their position, but they probably won't. Doing so, would devalue the "asset" in Sheldon Souray more than his coming out and attempting to hurt the Oilers organization more than he already has.

The Oilers will likely express their disappointment in his comments, explain they don't understand the timing, but in turn say very little. Fans will still be forced to wonder if Souray is just venting and not telling the whole truth.

In the draft, we'd all like to see the Oilers draft #1. Their luck suggests someone else winning the lottery, but really, would it make that big a difference if we drafted #2?

No one seems to be able to decide who should go one and who should go two. TSN's ranking has Taylor Hall back on top when just last week Seguin was the favorite by central scouting. The Oilers likely aren't sure, knowing they need both type of players, so having a decision already made isn't the worst problem to have.

The Oilers aren't going to be phased. Both players will be superstars in this league and drafting in the top two, when there are only two real keepers in the draft means for once, the Oilers can't really lose despite what happens.

It's actually kind of nice feeling. One I haven't felt in a while.

The upside? Drafting someone like Taylor Hall who could come in and score 25-30 goals essentially erasing the stench Souray seems to now be leaving in his wake.

I'll be watching tomorrow. But as often happens, I'll be expecting a less dramatic day than it would seem might appear on paper.


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