Oilers Claim Ryan Jones from Predators: Some Action in the Oilers Offices for Moreau?

The Oilers haven't done much on trade deadline day as of 12 noon eastern time. Yet...

Edmonton has claimed size and a little scoring touch in forward Ryan Jones from the Nashville Predators from waivers in an attempt to either fill their 2010/2011 roster with some size and potential at a low cap or make room for another move -- possibly Ethan Moreau.

In the case of a team like Edmonton, who is only able to make moves to a team with cap space available or moving dollars out for dollars in, any moves involving prospects or call ups are a decent indication that something more meaningful is on the way.

Ryan Jones name won't spark a lot of interest from fans who are looking for a bit more to talk about after this day comes to a close. In fact, many fans might not know who Ryan Jones is.

One thing we can't forget, is how much this deadline day for Edmonton will be about managing next years cap and setting themselves up for options come this years draft and the summer. Picking up players who can provide a little something at a lower cost in comparison to players who may be heading out make sense.

In 41 games this season, Jones has 7 goals and 4 assists for 11 points. He brings some size and sandpaper. Sounds like an Ethan Moreau type player to me, with a fraction of the cost.

Could this forshadow the Oilers trying to fill a hole for a departing Ethan Moreau? With L.A. now rumoured to be out of the sweepstakes for a few rumoured names, but interest in Moreau, it might make sense.

More to come...


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