Losing Is One Thing, But 8 Goals in 6 Games?

At what point do fans who suggest blowing up this Oilers team become more than just those who follow the popular thing to say? The way the Oilers have successfully racked up a streak of 9 losses in their last 10 games, those who suggest this team is due for a change are only stating the obvious.

Now 29th in the NHL and Carolina looking more and more like they might grab that 29that spot within a matter of games, the Oilers are simply lousy.

It could be the missing players, it could be the horrid special teams, and it could be a feeling that the players have come to understand, this year isn't one where people should expect much.

Over halfway through the season, the Oilers would need to win close to 75% of their games to make the playoffs. At six games under .500, and without Hemsky, Khabibulin, Comrie and Visnovsky; the feat is next to impossible and fans, along side hopefully management realize it and are planning for the future.

This is the time that Oilers GM Steve Tambellini should be openly waving his white flag by calling the other GM's in the NHL and emphatically stating the Oilers are sellers. His exact words should be, "we're moving almost everything for picks and the future of this team, make us an offer or let's construct a plan now while the getting's good."

Let other teams know there are certain players available and what the Oilers are interested in return. Do it well before the Olympic break so that everyone knows who and what is feasible on their own teams and for their part, the Oilers should do what they can to clear space for players like Eberle, Svennson and spare parts they can get from free agency after they do everything in their power to get one of the top two draft spots.

It's taken Oilers management three long years to realize this team and anything close to it isn't going to be good enough to contend. Their current record can't even justify suggesting that missing Hemsky and Khabibulin would fix the problem. The same old "we can only judge our team when healthy" simply doesn't cut it and building a team that even if not as talented, but overall more efficient in every area of hockey is the way to go.

Everyone and their mother is starting to suggest who is likely an attractive commodity from the Edmonton Oilers before the deadline. The Oilers should be making calls about those players and frankly everyone else.


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