Schremp Headed to NYI and Reddox Next?

Looks as though the New York Islanders have put a claim in to pick up Rob Schremp off of the waiver wire. Schremp looks to be getting that long awaited shot with a team in the NHL, but by no means does this guarantee that he'll stick with the big club.

It is also going around that the Oilers have possibly put Liam Reddox on waivers. This tells me that if true, the deal for Pisani isn't happening that's been rumoured as Reddox would have been placed in Pisani's old role.

This wouldn't mean the deal is dead, more than any trade involving Pisani should net a return of a player that fits some of the skills Pisani is known for including smart two-way hockey, penalty killing and a possible offensive role.

Today could be an interesting day for Oiler fans.


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