First Annual Oilers Insider NHL Draft

We're taking the first 20 entrants. Contest only open to those who can attend in person this Tuesday (Sept 29) night at 6:30pm in Sherwood Park (venue to be announced once the 20 have been selected). $20 entry fee with all monies going out as prizing. If interested email Contest rules will be sent to you as well as location.

Here are the rules we know so far:

* Snake draft starting at 1 and going to 20, then from 20 back to 1
* Selections will include a specific number of forwards, defensemen and a goalie
* Points only awarded for assists, goals, wins, shut-outs. Penalty minutes and other minor stats will not be considered.

Email and we will send the 20 entrants locations, times and final rules.

You can leave comments here if you'd like to be contacted and don't have email access.


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