Kane Not Helping the Blackhawk Cause

With the eyes of the NHL on a few topics as of late, one of those areas of interest has been the royal mess that seems to follow the Chicago Blackhawks. With news worthy items such as botched qualfying offers, to UFA signings under investigation; another Blackhawk has found himself in the news... and not for a good reason.

Patrick Kane along with his cousin James M. Kane, 21, were arrested about 5 a.m. on Eastwood Place, according to Buffalo police reports.

According to an article in the Buffalo News, the pair allegedly punched the cab driver and grabbed money they had handed him after he told them he didn't have twenty cents in coins to give them their change, the report said. http://www.buffalonews.com/home/story/758903.html

Could the Blackhawks have any more issues this off-season? I suppose, but I can't imagine what would be coming next.


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